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Why You Would Want to Live in a Community?

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A snapshot of my university years, when I first started to understand what community was

Would you like to enjoy your work, and feel proud of it? Then living as part of a community may be for you!

A growing number of people are taking action to change the way they live! (see “Living In The Future”).  I believe that moving towards a more community-focused society will greatly improve the lives of everyone on this planet.  For me, this more cooperative approach is the only option.  That is why myself and other contributors to this website are developing the skills and knowledge to build a creative community of our own.

These ‘communities’ needn’t revolve around the stereotypical countryside commune or kibbutz reminiscent of the 60s or 70s. The Fellowship for Intentional Communities states that:

“‘Intentional communities’ include ecovillagescohousing, residential land trusts, income-sharing communes, student co-ops, spiritual communities, and other projects where people live together on the basis of explicit common values.”

For example, the Los Angeles Eco-village is one particular vision of an inner-city intentional community.  For me, being a part of a community is about living in a neighbourhood and working with like-minded people.

So what made me pull away from the mainstream model of work and housing?

Over the past decade I have struggled to support myself in a way that makes me feel fulfilled.  I studied to work in IT, but soon after graduating realised it wasn’t for me.  I found myself having a crisis of direction and purpose.  How could I afford a house and a decent standard of living without doing work I didn’t enjoy?  The main issues that grated on me (as I’m sure they have you) were:

  1. I didn’t like the idea of being treated impersonally and as a  resource for 50 hours per week, for 30+ years, and
  2. I find it difficult (and unnatural) to behave one way at work and another at home – it’s schizophrenic

If you’re in this position, I suggest you do what I did next:

  1. Re-evaluate your core beliefs and assumptions related to work
  2. Identify the elements of your life that excite you
  3. Imagine a scenario in which you can bring all of those elements together – read more on Vision

For me, the challenge then became to integrate those exciting elements into everything I did, which I really couldn’t imagine happening by staring at spread sheets for most of my adult life.  That is not to say that what I had learned up until this point was a waste – we should use what resources are available to us – a permaculturist principle that I apply to my own life.  One notion that was pivotal to my learning was that systems are everywhere and are interconnected.  We must approach things holistically, as nothing exists in isolation.

So why did I choose community?

I chose to focus on community because I’m at my best when bringing people together.  By building communities I get to work to my own schedule, doing work that I enjoy whilst being surrounded by people that I love!  That’s what I choose for my life, not what society has told me I should do.

Here’s your chance

Share with us one aspect of your life that gets your really excited and why!

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