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Can Having a Vision Automate Your Dream Machine?

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Are you fed up with the rat race? Would you like a life that is better suited to your personality? Would you like more freedom to spend with the people you love, doing the things that inspire you? The first step is to create a vision!

This isn’t a retirement dream

In 2011 I was going through quite a significant transitional phase and was looking to steer myself away from the conventional career route that I’d been channeled towards.  I started asking some serious questions about what I was doing with my life and where I wanted to take it.  I found a charity – Action for Sustainable Living – which provided free training and support for people looking to set up sustainability-related projects.  It felt like the first step towards a more fulfilling life – so I applied.  I wasn’t sure what project I wanted to set up, but I had a vision of the future I wanted to create for myself.  My (current) vision is as follows:

I walk through the front door of my naturally built home, strolling onto a raised porch.  It’s the morning and I have a freshly-brewed hot drink.  From my hillside home, I look out over a small village swimming in a low-lying morning mist, with a cobblestone pathway winding it’s way down to the delightful hamlet.  To the right are the vegetable gardens that we cultivate to feed ourselves collectively and to the left, the social centre where activity buzzes throughout the day.  I take a deep, soothing breath – savouring the still, fresh air as birds regail me with their chorus; content in the knowledge that my nearest and dearest are within arms reach – dotted among the fairy-tale houses that lie suspended in the mist.

Beautiful don’t you think?  However!  I knew lacked a whole bunch of skills required to edge me towards my vision; so, after some deliberation, I came up with the idea of Sustainable Housing, an experiment in urban sustainable living. I created an environment where I could learn the land-based skills and lifestyle readjustments necessary to attain my vision.  Later came another business, The Local Veg Box, which taught me about food and its production, as well as how to go about setting up businesses.  Since then, I’ve continued along this path – and feel in a much stronger position than I was previously to make my vision a reality – but the first step was creating it.

Would you like to know how to create your vision?

As you can see from the way I describe my vision – it needs to inspire you, like a story that you’d enjoy reading. Here’s how to begin:

  1. Imagine your perfect living scenario – think about what your ideal situation might be, bringing all areas of your life together, including your home, family, mental and emotional lives, finances, physical health and work. How do each of these look framed within your ideal life?
  2. Get sensual – make the ideals indicated above appeal to all of your senses – think about how these will look, sound, feel, taste and even smell.  There was a faint aroma of manure from the garden in my fantasy!
  3. Write it down – attaching words to the feelings you’ve cultivated will encourage you to think more deeply about the specifics of your situation, and from there on making practical decisions about future steps will be easier.

So how do you make your vision a reality?

These require a bit more work:

  1. Be certain – empowering your vision of how things could be with a conviction that IT WILL BE is the next, extremely important step.  You can do whatever you set your mind to – you are capable of anything – just believe in yourself!
  2. Be grateful – being grateful for what you already have in your life makes you happier and more resilient. Being happier attracts more posititive people to you and creates opportunities that can help you to achieve your dreams.  Having resilience ensures that you can see through any challenge required to make it a reality.  Feeling grateful may be hard sometimes, but look for the silver lining – find the good that surrounds you.  Every breath you take is a blessing.
  3. Let it evolve – being flexible when figuring out how to realise your vision is vital, as your ideals will change over time (hence the “current” vision above).  Allow that vision to morph into whatever shape feels right, so long as it supports the person you currently are.
  4. Share it – Sharing your vision with others will encourage discussion, which will help you to refine your ideas. Also, the more you share, the more your vision is pushed to the forefront of your mind, which helps you to pinpoint further opportunities to help you achieve it.

Above all else, I advise you to dive in head first and see what happens.  You’ll definitely learn a lot!  Next, I’m edging one step closer to my dream by helping to craft a community space on a farm in rural Portugal.  As the saying goes, build it and they will come!

Here’s your chance

Daydream! Get excited!  Let us know your perfect vision of the future!

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Hi, I'm David. When I'm not working on The Ethical Organiser, you'll find me studying kung fu, with my family or designing a farm for the future. I get excited about self-sufficiency, sustainability and community. If you want to learn more, get in touch. I'd love to meet you to see if we can create your dreams together.

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